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Meet Landon

My name is Landon Meador, I am a 23-year old college student who was born and raised in West Chester. I am a product of public education, coming from a family that has worked in education for decades. I have spent years working in the restaurant and sales industries, learning that there is success in hardwork and dedication. Likewise, during my high school career, I worked with local districts on Mental Health programs, fighting to protect all students within the four walls of any school. I have spent time on both Democrat and Republican staffs, focusing solely on what is best for any given community. I got involved in local issues a few years ago as I realized that there is more impact on one's life at the local level than there is at the federal level.

I am a product of an age that was dubbed the “school shooting” and “suicide” age and that is something I hold very close to me. I have lost many friends to suicide over the years and I remember the fear of sitting in a classroom, wondering where would I go and what would I do if a shooter were to walk through the door. The fear of navigating a grocery store or walking alone at night, fearing someone could be watching me through a scope has been something I never expected to fear in life. That is why mental health protection is so important to me. I know how crucial it is that we protect individuals from the darkest, worst feelings one could face -- and we have talked about it for decades, but failed to do anything yet. 

I believe our country needs a generational change, both at the federal and state levels. Since I have been alive, we have faced a terrorist attack on 9/11, a recession, multiple wars, a pandemic, division greater than ever before, a drug epidemic, social media, rising costs of living and so much more -- that is why it is time for someone who has lived through these problems to be the ones fighting for the future of Ohioans. Being a State Representative requires a cool, collected mentality with a sole focus on what is best for Ohioans. Unfortunately, Ohioans have been subject to self-serving agendas from Jennifer Gross and many other elected leaders. It is time we take Ohio back, for the people, by the people so that we can lead this great state into the future. I believe strongly in my morals, encompassed by discipline, empathy and common decency. I believe in working together rather than tearing each other down. The future belongs to all of us, we must do our part to protect and advance to it. Thank you for your support!

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